Where to Find Retail Trends

The importance of finding retail trends in a retail business or store cannot be over-emphasized. A retail store owner who isn’t aware of the prevailing retail trends will soon be out of business. Retail trends refer to items that are in high demand. From time to time, the market shifts, and a new trend emerges. 

Retail trends vary as the trends change. At one point, it could be a product. At other times, however, it could be another brand. Multiple items or brands can become the trend too. Trending items are a quick source of money. When items become trends, they generally have a high turnover rate. 

Retailers exploit trends in different ways. They can decide to stock the items that are trending. If the trending items have complementary products, it is safe to say that the complementary product will trend. Retailers can decide to stock the complementary product instead of the trending product.

Retailers can exploit brands when they are trending by stocking other products from the same brand. Another way to exploit trends is by knowing which direction the market will shift to. Proper knowledge of the trend pattern over time may point to the next trending item. With this information, retailers can plan. 

Some of the places to find information about trends and trending items include:

The Internet

The internet is a large place, and a lot of people focus on a different aspect of the market. Bloggers, reviewers, and other people on the net can track retail trends and talk about them. They explain why the trends exist and possible ways to benefit from the product that is trending. 

Local Newspapers

Retail stores are located in local communities that contain a varying number of people. One locality differs significantly from another. This means that the forces of demand and supply will act differently. Local newspapers can publish articles on the products that are trending at a particular point in time in the local area. 


Local and international magazines, lifestyle magazines, or magazines that are peculiar to a particular industry will always mention good that are trending and why. Sometimes, these magazines carry out polls and interviews from time to time, documenting how trends have progressed over time.

Wholesale Distributors

 Wholesale distributors occupy a vital role in the market place. They distribute a lot of items to different stores and, as a result, can have a good grasp of items that are trending or in vogue. They are the link between wholesaler and retailer hence can keep track of items that have high turnover. 

When trends happen, they are in the best position to pick up the trends. A chat or careful inquiry from these distributors can provide adequate information on retail trends in the consumer market. With this information, they can carry out their business. 

Trends are valuable tools for retailers and can go a long way to determine if a particular retail store will continue to exist or not.