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Inspired Retail, is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne with sales offices across the North and is the fastest growing “One Stop Shop” in Point Of Sale and Retail Solutions.

We are part of the MBL Solutions Network and as such have been operating in the retail arena for over 12 years.

We provide fully integrated multichannel solutions to the retail, hospitality, beauty, fashion and service industries. Whether you’re looking for EPOS hardware, software, integrated ecommerce, loyalty cards or retail marketing we can help.

Investing in an EPoS system can be a huge decision weather you’re a small store or a large retail chain. However a good EPoS system can save you time and money, increase productivity and assist in growing your business. If used correctly EPoS till systems can pay for themselves within 18 months.

EPoS systems allow you to set up your system to aid your business, a good system can be changed to suit your working environment, you shouldn’t have to change your working environment to suit your system.

An EPoS system allows you to see real time results of how your business is functioning. Tracking inventory in a centralised system enables retailers to make better buying decisions and also decreases inventory shrinkage due to theft and unrecorded sales.

The EPoS system identifies slow stock items, spot sales trends, and use historical data to better forecast your needs. Automatic stock re-ordering triggers can compile and suggest orders when stocks are running low. Many owners who think they know exactly what trends affect them find a few surprises once they have this data from their EPOS system.

The use of hand held stocktaking devices speeds up the stock taking process.

The visually appealing, easy to use, touch screen, EPoS system allows your staff to locate products quickly, with no need to remember item prices. This increases transaction speeds and reduces your customers waiting time. Adding a barcode scanner can further increase transaction speed, simply scan the barcodes and let the EPoS system do the rest.

The EPoS system also allows multiple staff using the same till without any chance of clearing, paying or adding to each other’s orders. This will reduce the amount of units needed and increase staff productivity.

You will be able to free up staff time and reduce paperwork by using your POS system to look after stock takes or reporting.

Integration your ecommerce website and your store(s) with an EPoS system allows you to keep accurate stock levels and provides live updates to manage stock availability. Integrated websites allow you to manage your store and website from any location.

Many small store owners feel they do not have the ability or time to manage an ecommerce website. With an integrated EPoS system products that are added to your inventory can also be added to your website via EPoS. In addition different prices can be set for either your store or website to capitalise on different markets and competitors.

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