How to Motivate your Employees to Sell

The success of your store depends on the output of your employees. If your employees are not motivated, they will transfer that lack of motivation to your business. Customers coming to your store will pick up the negative energy, and the chances are that they won’t return to your business. 

A lot of people think that motivation is all about slapping quick quotes from famous people on the wall. Others think it is calling your employees every morning and giving them a dose of quick fiery words with all the optimism you can find. This is far from the truth.

There is a step by step ways to build motivation in your team or employees, and here are a few.

Encourage Trust Among Employees

 Without trust, motivation will not lead anywhere. You need to get your employees to trust, and see you like an icon. If there is a lack of trust within your store, the first thing to do will be to restore that trust among your employees. 

Engage with them regularly in a way that will help them develop. Let them understand that you trust them and their capabilities and supply the needed tools and freedom for them to carry out their jobs without any form of fear. Resist the need to micro-manage them as it will not build their trust. 

Understand Them

 To motivate your employees, you need to understand who they are on a personal level. Know their goals for themselves and your company. When you know these goals, motivation comes easy; if you don’t know what these goals are, the chances are that you will try to motivate them wrongly. 

There are different ways to motivate your employees. However, the level at which they respond to your motivation will differ based on their preferred motivation method. When you motivate them the wrong way, you waste your effort and time. 

Also, the people you are motivating are not trees. You can ask them out rightly what their preferred motivation level is. Sometimes, you can misjudge them based on your wrong notion about their activities as not being motivated. When you ask them in the process of trying to get a hold of who they are, it becomes clearer. 

Set Generic Goals

 The motivation of your employees might be low because they do not know what you expect from them. When you set a particular goal for them, it is easy for you to judge using that goal you have set to measure how motivated they are. 

When there is a lack of goal setting, there is a general feeling of apathy that comes from lack of direction and you don’t want such a situation in your business. You must address such a situation.

Increased employee motivation might not cost much but its contribution to your bottom line at the end of the day cannot be over-emphasized. The more motivated your employees are, the better it is for your business.