How to Make a Product Sell itself from the Shelf

When most people walk into a store, they are looking for a particular product. Most people do not bother about brand name, they just want something that works and will cater to their needs. However, when they get to the shelf, they can get confused because there are so many different brands to choose from. 

This point of indecision can play to both your advantage and disadvantage. If your product stands out, it catches their attention, and they pick the item. If it doesn’t, another product gets picked. A lot of other people are trying to get their product to stand out.

How do you beat them? 

Design Your Products Properly

An attractive product design is one of the ways to make your brand sell itself from the shelf. A product that is properly designed will catch the attention of the buyer easily. A design that is too loud or inappropriate will do the opposite. A product that is bland without any design will not attract the customer either.

Look for A Simple design

Less is more. A simple design use basic features of the product and emphasizes it. Customers may use this to measure superiority of the brand before buying the product. A simple design doesn’t mean your design should lack in class as it will put your product at a disadvantage. 

Product Packaging

It is important to take the packaging of the product very seriously. What should be the size of the product? Product size is part of the packaging. Always check within the market for the product to see if there is a regulation for size. If there is none, try to see if there are subtle changes you can make to the size and shape of the product. 

Another thing to consider is the type of packaging. A packaging that can trigger emotions of the prospective buyer, simple and attractive. When the customer can create a proper relationship with the packaging, the chances are that he will purchase it. 

Always use pictures that are relatable to the customer on the packaging or body of the product. This doesn’t mean that a whole album should be included in the product. However, a picture or two properly placed to evoke good memories or positive emotional reaction will suit the product better.

The Environment

Today, a lot of people are shifting the products that have an environmental concern at the back of their brand. Companies that make conscious efforts to include environmentally friendly products are preferred to those who don’t. If you are one of those who do, always make sure that this information is conspicuous enough for them to see. 

Applying these methods will set your product out of the other products on the shelf.