How to Motivate your Employees to Sell

How to motivate your employees to Sell

The success of your store depends on the output of your employees. If your employees are not motivated, they will transfer that lack of motivation to your business. Customers coming to your store will pick up the negative energy, and the chances are that they won’t return to your business. 

A lot of people think that motivation is all about slapping quick quotes from famous people on the wall. Others think it is calling your employees every morning and giving them a dose of quick fiery words with all the optimism you can find. This is far from the truth.

There is a step by step ways to build motivation in your team or employees, and here are a few.

Encourage Trust Among Employees

 Without trust, motivation will not lead anywhere. You need to get your employees to trust, and see you like an icon. If there is a lack of trust within your store, the first thing to do will be to restore that trust among your employees. 

Engage with them regularly in a way that will help them develop. Let them understand that you trust them and their capabilities and supply the needed tools and freedom for them to carry out their jobs without any form of fear. Resist the need to micro-manage them as it will not build their trust. 

Understand Them

 To motivate your employees, you need to understand who they are on a personal level. Know their goals for themselves and your company. When you know these goals, motivation comes easy; if you don’t know what these goals are, the chances are that you will try to motivate them wrongly. 

There are different ways to motivate your employees. However, the level at which they respond to your motivation will differ based on their preferred motivation method. When you motivate them the wrong way, you waste your effort and time. 

Also, the people you are motivating are not trees. You can ask them out rightly what their preferred motivation level is. Sometimes, you can misjudge them based on your wrong notion about their activities as not being motivated. When you ask them in the process of trying to get a hold of who they are, it becomes clearer. 

Set Generic Goals

 The motivation of your employees might be low because they do not know what you expect from them. When you set a particular goal for them, it is easy for you to judge using that goal you have set to measure how motivated they are. 

When there is a lack of goal setting, there is a general feeling of apathy that comes from lack of direction and you don’t want such a situation in your business. You must address such a situation.

Increased employee motivation might not cost much but its contribution to your bottom line at the end of the day cannot be over-emphasized. The more motivated your employees are, the better it is for your business.

How to Grab a Customer’s Attention

How to Grab a Customer's Attention

Until the day you are out of business, you will continuously need to attract the attention of both customers and potential customers. Once the customers stop coming, you are out of business. You will never have enough customers as a business owner. Keeping a constant flow of customers to your store requires a lot of effort. 

There are a lot of processes that eventually lead to a customer buying anything from your store. It is safe to assume that your customers do not know anything about your store. You have to take steps to get them to know your store, locate your store, and make purchases from your store.

Here are a few ways to grab your customer’s attention.

Craft a Good Advert

 One of the ways to grab your customer’s attention starts from the plan you make to do so. Planning a good advert involves a lot of things. You have to determine who your customers are, where you can find them, and identify possible channels through which you can reach them. 

After doing this, the next stage the actual actions you need. It is always advisable to hire experts to do this job for you. If you do not have the resources, then you must prioritize the advertisement channels you want to use and focus on them. After that, you design an advert that fits the channel you have chosen. 

Share the advert. Use your contact list and your social media privileges to share the adverts so that you can get it to as many people as possible. This way, potential customers will have you on their minds and seek out your store and patronize it. 

Be Open

Most of the days or times, most businesses keep more secrets than they are supposed to. If you want to attract more customers, you must provide the kind of information that they would need. When People check out your store, they want to do so from their mobile phones before coming to the store. 

It is advisable to have an online presence where you provide information that can lead them to your store or product. When they eventually visit your physical store, it is important to provide additional information concerning the products they are buying. There are different ways to do this. The use of store attendants is one of the ways this can be done. 

Another way is through a pamphlet that guides them through the store. Having a store arrangement that aids the easy location of necessary products. When this is in place, customers will keep returning to your store and might even refer your store to their friends and close contacts. 

Other steps that can help grab customer’s attention include good product design, as well as a well thought out store design. Being unique can also help you to grab customers’ attention. Taking these steps will lead to an increase in your customer number.

3 Tips on Getting More Customers in your Store

3 Tips on Getting More Customers in your Store

As long as the retail business is concerned, the customers will never be enough. Retailers are in a never-ending battle of figuring out how to get more people into their stores. The rationale behind this is straightforward. The more people come into their stores, the more the sales. 

Retailers need to keep attracting customers because other retail stores are optimizing their process to entice the customers that have been shopping at your store. Shoppers are always looking for brand new things and cheaper deals, popular items, as well as items that suit their budget. Receiving a new customer can be the difference between profit and loss.

Here are three things that can be done to get more customers to your store: 

Use your Window

 If your store is located on a sidewalk and you have a window, you can use the window to a significant effect. Always make sure that the product you put on the window tells a story while it attracts people into your store. Make sure your story isn’t dull, but great to allow people to patronize you.  

There are different ways to use your window. You can either put a single item, or a few things that are trendy. Make sure that a fraction of the internal storage can be seen when someone stops to examine the goods at the window. When they stop and look at the store, they might be tempted to walks inside and have a proper look. 

Use the front of the Store

 another way that the retailer can drive more customers to his stare is by carefully positioning products in front of the store. This is especially used for large and moveable products. If the products are moveable, arrange them in front of the store and stack them on each other carefully in a way that doesn’t obstruct viewing. 

This method works well for items like apparel and vehicles. Most people wouldn’t resist the urge to have a second look at the items you have placed in front of your store. While automobiles are high-end devices, clothes will drive more people. Even the vehicles, if they are properly arranged, will attract a customer to buy from your store. 

Design Your Outer Walls 

A lot of people will be attracted to something that is unique or stands out. This method can be applied in the basic design of the exterior of your store. Use a combination of colors and items to redesign your outer wall. When your outer wall is different, a lot of people will be curious and want to check out what the store is about.

Banners that boldly distract passersby so that they take note of your store can be used. 

Getting customers into the store is the only way to make sure that you have continuous sales in your store. This has to be done well. 

What Products are Trending in Retail

What products are trending in Retail

Anyone who has been in the retail business understands that change can be a friend or foe, depending on which way they affect your business. Because the retail business is very volatile and susceptible to change, all retailers need to be on the alert to keep up with the ever-changing sphere of the retail business. 

Customer and consumer habits change nearly all the time. This change in habit can alter the scope of the retail business, and retailers need to keep up. Another thing that retailers need to be aware of is that companies can switch their products at any time, totally impacting the retail landscape. 

To find products that are trending or that will trend, here are a few ways to identify those products and stock up on them in your retail store. Products that are trending are unique. Apart from being unique, they solve an old problem or a new problem. Products that trend also have affordable pricing.

Here are some trending retail products. 

Shapewear: Shapewear is mostly used by women. Shapewear is also referred to as a foundation garment. These garments are designed to change the way a woman’s body looks, even if it is for a few hours. They adjust the body shape and project the kind of shape that the woman wants. 

Some of these include corsets, brassieres, etc. The shapewear industry has been on the increase for a while. The increased fashion that emphasizes body shape has been one of the driving factors of these items. Retailers that are looking to get a fast start in their new retail stores can consider stocking these items. 

Health and Beauty Products: The market for health and beauty products is a large one. Retailers can exploit the frenzy around these products to stock them in their stores. One of the ways to observe this trend is the number of health and beauty products that are available in the market. Examples include fragrance, sunscreens, kinds of toothpaste, etc. 

Other health and beauty products that retailers can look to get into are nail polishes, hair wigs, make-up brushes, manicure and pedicure items, products used for dental care, etc. Retailers also need to identify the most popular brands that sell these products so that they can stock them in their stores. 

Smart Watches: Gone are the days when wristwatches just tell time. These days, wrist watched do more than tell just time. With the advent of technology companies into the wristwatch business, it has taken a new shape. Wristwatches now have to tell time, in addition to other features like acting as a smartphone or heartbeat reader. 

Some wrist watches also function as trackers for workout routines. Numerous companies are producing smartwatches. Retailers can feast on these trends and collect a variety of the most popular smartwatches and display them in their stores. 

Retailers need to be able to identify trending items so that they can incorporate them into their retail stores. Failure to do so will reflect on the bottom line.

How to Find Cool New Products

How to find cool new products

Product lines refer to different products that are grouped and sold under one brand name and sold by the same company. Some companies can sell different groups of products under different names and want each of the product lines to be different from each other. This is to make the users identify them differently.

When people start to patronize a different company, such a company can decide to add a new product since people like to buy from companies that have gained their trust. One of the reasons companies also sell products with different product line is so that they can target customers that are grouped by those lines. 

Product lines help companies to sell their different products without having them necessarily compete with each other. They can offer a primary product, then move a step further by offering a basic product with an additional feature as a second option. Then offer the same basic product with a separate additional feature better than the previous.

When retailers are looking for product lines, here are some of the things they are considering: 

Different Product

Retailers need to be sure that the product line they are looking for offers new value. It will help if retailers focus on products from a company that is trusted by the consumers. These kinds of companies cannot be easily replaced. Having their products means a steady flow of customers and cash. 

Products in a new line should be able to have the potential to become the trend in a concise time. This is because they can leverage an already trending product to sell themselves. Product lines that have products that will not fit into the immediate trending pool should be avoided at all costs. 

Solving a Particular Need

 When looking for a new product line, retailers should consider the product offering or new product offering on the product line. When companies attach new products to their product line, they should have already identified a deficiency in the old product. They can then address it with the new product in the product line.

New product lines should have a slew of products that fit into different areas of the market. It should cover areas like cost, preference, problems, and any other criteria that the consumer is looking to buy. Product lines can have products that have been adopted for different age grades or market segments to give a comprehensive reach.


 The best product lines are the ones where there isn’t any additional marketing needed. The brand or company that has the product already has an extensive coverage that the new product they have released is in demand. New product lines should be able to sell themselves without much energy expended by the retailers. 

Finding new product lines can be challenging for retailers. 

However, retailers need to ensure that they carry out a thorough inquiry about the product lines they intend to include in their business so as not to gamble with their finances.

3 Rules for New Retail Stores

3 Rules for New Retail Stores

If you have owned a small retail store for a while, chances are that mega retail stores have come to poop your party. This applies to big wigs like Amazon and Wal-Mart. In fact, any digital market place poses a serious threat to your business. Even Alibaba that is not even in the United States, has a say too. 

The customers are not trooping in as they were, and even if you are making some profit, you think it’s only a matter of time before you are out of business. In a way, that might be true, but it is a half-truth. What you need might be a little jiggling of your strategy to be able to compete with the big wigs. 

Let’s face it. It has only become necessary that you move part of your store online. You might run into additional problems if you don’t. Your store might close faster. Some of the age-long tricks on how to attract and keep customers might have become obsolete. At least the ones you currently employ no longer work for you. 

In the race to match the big wigs, at least in your local area, you will need to employ some tactics.

Here are three things you can do in your new retail stores. 

Classes of Goods

When you stock your old or new retail store, you must have your goods divided into three classes. The first class will be items that are extremely cheap and affordable. Most times, people won’t buy these, but it is okay to let them be there. Customers will only use them for comparison. 

This should make up just a fraction of your stock. Just enough to be seen. The second category is goods that are in the mid-range. They are not so cheap, and not so expensive, either. This is where most of your merchandise will come from. The final group of the items should be the ones with exorbitant prices. 

While some will buy, others will use it as a benchmark to determine which of the midrange product they should purchase. 

Customer service

 Your troubles do not end when you go digital. When you do, you will need to set up customer service for your online business. Even the business in your store needs these customer service providers from you to handle the job properly. 

Make sure to train these people properly. These customer care service people you have employed must be knowledgeable and empathetic to avoid ruining your business. 

Buy Products with Seasons in Mind

On average, a typical season lasts for three months, and another comes along. Use this seasonal variation for your retail store. Buy products and stock for three months that correspond to the seasonal change. This is because consumers change products during different seasons.  

There are still some other rules, but these are the ones that will get your retail business off the ground before making any large scale retail decision. 

How to Make a Product Sell itself from the Shelf

How to make a product sell itself from the Shelf

When most people walk into a store, they are looking for a particular product. Most people do not bother about brand name, they just want something that works and will cater to their needs. However, when they get to the shelf, they can get confused because there are so many different brands to choose from. 

This point of indecision can play to both your advantage and disadvantage. If your product stands out, it catches their attention, and they pick the item. If it doesn’t, another product gets picked. A lot of other people are trying to get their product to stand out.

How do you beat them? 

Design Your Products Properly

An attractive product design is one of the ways to make your brand sell itself from the shelf. A product that is properly designed will catch the attention of the buyer easily. A design that is too loud or inappropriate will do the opposite. A product that is bland without any design will not attract the customer either.

Look for A Simple design

Less is more. A simple design use basic features of the product and emphasizes it. Customers may use this to measure superiority of the brand before buying the product. A simple design doesn’t mean your design should lack in class as it will put your product at a disadvantage. 

Product Packaging

It is important to take the packaging of the product very seriously. What should be the size of the product? Product size is part of the packaging. Always check within the market for the product to see if there is a regulation for size. If there is none, try to see if there are subtle changes you can make to the size and shape of the product. 

Another thing to consider is the type of packaging. A packaging that can trigger emotions of the prospective buyer, simple and attractive. When the customer can create a proper relationship with the packaging, the chances are that he will purchase it. 

Always use pictures that are relatable to the customer on the packaging or body of the product. This doesn’t mean that a whole album should be included in the product. However, a picture or two properly placed to evoke good memories or positive emotional reaction will suit the product better.

The Environment

Today, a lot of people are shifting the products that have an environmental concern at the back of their brand. Companies that make conscious efforts to include environmentally friendly products are preferred to those who don’t. If you are one of those who do, always make sure that this information is conspicuous enough for them to see. 

Applying these methods will set your product out of the other products on the shelf. 

How can I get my Store to Stand Out

How can I get my store to stand out

It is no longer news that word of mouth is the most effective means of advertisement. Someone who has a good experience at your store is likely to tell their friend. The friend comes to your store, validates what they have said, and tells others – the chain continues. 

However, if your store doesn’t stand out, there is no guarantee that the first person will even walk in, talk more of having any experience, and recommending your store to their friend. The most important question is this: “how will you make your store stand out from the rest?”

Here are a few ways you can achieve that: 


You must have noticed that some of the popular stores have an eye-catching entrance. People can associate these stores with their designs. This beauty doesn’t just stop at the door. All through the store, it is replicated. This is one way to make your store stand out from the crowd.  

When planning or redecorating your store, choose a brand color that will be consistent throughout the store. Then stick to it. You can hire a store planner or an interior decorator to help you do that. Also, ensure that your store is spaced correctly. An adequately spaced store allows the customer to shop without much trouble. 

Another thing to do to ensure that your store is attractive is to label and position the items properly. Let the names be visible; and items, follow a logical pattern. Beverages should be arranged side by side but according to different brands. The same applies to other items that can be classified together, like grains or kitchen utensils. 

Online Strategy 

This is the 21st century. Before most people walk into a brick and mortar store, they would have checked online to see the product they want to buy. This means that getting your store to stand out starts from the online website of your store. Make sure to get a certified professional to design it. 

Also, make sure that you take the necessary steps to define how your business will appear online. Ensure products that are brought to the store are recorded and placed online with a proper e-commerce option. A lot of people prefer home deliveries after they pay for an item from your store. Make sure the experience is seamless and hassle-free.


Another method to get your store to stand out is to offer proper inducements to your customers. They should be obvious and competitive such that customers will notice your store and want to shop there. Always make sure that there is a balance between your profit and the incentives. You do not want to offer incentives that will hurt your business. 

There are thousands of stores available, and the ability of your store to stand out and offer excellent customer experience is key to effective business. 

Where to Find Retail Trends

Where to Find Retail Trends

The importance of finding retail trends in a retail business or store cannot be over-emphasized. A retail store owner who isn’t aware of the prevailing retail trends will soon be out of business. Retail trends refer to items that are in high demand. From time to time, the market shifts, and a new trend emerges. 

Retail trends vary as the trends change. At one point, it could be a product. At other times, however, it could be another brand. Multiple items or brands can become the trend too. Trending items are a quick source of money. When items become trends, they generally have a high turnover rate. 

Retailers exploit trends in different ways. They can decide to stock the items that are trending. If the trending items have complementary products, it is safe to say that the complementary product will trend. Retailers can decide to stock the complementary product instead of the trending product.

Retailers can exploit brands when they are trending by stocking other products from the same brand. Another way to exploit trends is by knowing which direction the market will shift to. Proper knowledge of the trend pattern over time may point to the next trending item. With this information, retailers can plan. 

Some of the places to find information about trends and trending items include:

The Internet

The internet is a large place, and a lot of people focus on a different aspect of the market. Bloggers, reviewers, and other people on the net can track retail trends and talk about them. They explain why the trends exist and possible ways to benefit from the product that is trending. 

Local Newspapers

Retail stores are located in local communities that contain a varying number of people. One locality differs significantly from another. This means that the forces of demand and supply will act differently. Local newspapers can publish articles on the products that are trending at a particular point in time in the local area. 


Local and international magazines, lifestyle magazines, or magazines that are peculiar to a particular industry will always mention good that are trending and why. Sometimes, these magazines carry out polls and interviews from time to time, documenting how trends have progressed over time.

Wholesale Distributors

 Wholesale distributors occupy a vital role in the market place. They distribute a lot of items to different stores and, as a result, can have a good grasp of items that are trending or in vogue. They are the link between wholesaler and retailer hence can keep track of items that have high turnover. 

When trends happen, they are in the best position to pick up the trends. A chat or careful inquiry from these distributors can provide adequate information on retail trends in the consumer market. With this information, they can carry out their business. 

Trends are valuable tools for retailers and can go a long way to determine if a particular retail store will continue to exist or not.

How to Find Products that Sell

How to find products that Sell

One of the challenging things about owning a store is finding items that will sell. This challenge is more daunting if you are starting a new retail store. If you don’t avoid the pitfalls that come with choosing products, you may wreck your business before you get the opportunity to profit from it. 

One of the things that makes this process difficult is that you already have a list of things people need in your head, but you don’t want to pursue all of those things. The problems also come when trying to decide which of the products to stock. Sometimes, there is a gut feeling that other stores have already taken the market. 

There might already be stiff competition in the market segment you are targeting. Not to worry, we have included some of the best methods you can apply to your store that will help you find the right product, and keep your business at the fore. 

Trendy Products 

Trendy products are some of the easiest ways to bring a quick market to your store. They refer to items that are in high demand at a particular point in time, as we advance, the market shifts, and new trending product surfaces. 

As a store owner or retailer, you should keep your ears and eyes open so that you don’t miss out on the trends that can be exploited. When trends are utilized early, store owners can make an extra profit before the products saturate the market. This way, they can give themselves a head start.  

Target Local Area

 One of the ways to find products that sell is to look at the area around your store location. If you are opening a local store, there are ways through which you can find out selling products. One of such ways is to ask from local distributors of products in the area. 

Another means is to take a walk to other retail stores. By observing products that reoccur in those stores, you can find several products that fit into the market where you want to go into. 

You may also look at the population. If your location is populated by foreigners and people from a particular country, chances are that products from their country will sell better. These products that make them feel at home, and will be a good fit for a store in this kind of locality.  

Like noted earlier, getting products that sell to your store may be an herculean task. However, this is one of the most important tasks you will have to undergo as a store owner. The success or failure of this activity can determine if your store will succeed or fail eventually. You need to determine the strategy that you want to use and stick with it.